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The company

We are a small software house with a eighteen-year track record of developing custom-built business systems for small companies with sophisticated information needs.

Our clients come from a wide range of industries (see What we've done). What they have in common is a need for integrated systems that will enable them to run their whole business more effectively, at a cost they can afford.

To deliver the maximum benefit to clients, we don't go away with a brief and follow it blindly. Instead, we take an independent, objective look at your business and how it operates. We test your assumptions about the systems you need and point out the long-term consequences of your decisions. Our aim is to help you use IT in a smarter way and get more value from it.

The people

The principals of the business are Ticker Berkin and Jeremy Kahn.

Before setting up Jaguar Software, Ticker Berkin worked for companies including Mars, ICL and Kenan Systems. He is an expert in the design and implementation of complex large-scale software systems, including decision support, executive information and marketing information systems. He has deep technical knowledge of a wide range of computer architectures, operating systems, languages, databases and web applications.

Jeremy Kahn worked for General Automation, WICAT Systems and Lawson Somerset (part of the SRU group) before becoming an independent consultant. He has a background in marketing as well as systems development, and experience in the aerospace, telecommunications, automotive, telemarketing and multimedia industries. His particular area of expertise is acting as a bridge between the users and the developers of information systems.